Invisible panties

Truly undetectable with magical disappearing straps that adhere to you.

Seamless and


Founded In Los Angeles

Designed with you & every outfit in mind. The fashion solution we've been waiting for.

By women for women.

Comfort Supreme

The single most comfortable thing you will ever wear. Feels like nothing at all.

Your vagina will thank you.

feel sexy. look sexy.

Flattering & functional fit allows you to feel comfy and confident in any situation.

Compromise is over.

"We really made these out of necessity - something that just didn't exist that we needed. And now we can't live without them."

— Olivia and Elvira (the founders)

strapped in

Stay put design

Can be styled high or low on the hips with invisible straps that adhere to you!

no slip grip

So while you're on the move, your undies won't be!

Feels like nothing!

"Soft and incredibly comfortable. Feels like nothing. Form-fitting without digging into my skin."


"I've been dying for a solution like this!!! Women around the world thank you!"

So Flattering and cute!

"I think my comfy panties just became my date night panties."


n./ [String·eez]

  • Soft, Breathable, Lightweight, Quick-drying

"Stringys is the fashion solution we've all been waiting for"

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  • risk of peeing in undies due to forgetting you're wearing undies
  • though invisible under clothing, temptation to show off your cute butt may occur